How to burn videos of MOD to DVD?

Published: 19th August 2009
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Recently a friend of mine have purchased a JVC camcorder that records video as .MOD files. While he is pending graduation from college, he has recorded many video clips about his classmates and their graduation party with that JVC camcorder, but what is above his expectation is that he seems to be unable to edit or play the video clips on his PC, let alone burning the MOD videos to DVD. So I recommend the following simple yet useful solutions to him to play MOD files on PC and to burn MOD videos to DVD.

Part 1. Knowledge about MOD files.

Part 2. How to burn MOD to DVD.

Part 1. Knowledge about MOD files

What is MOD file?

.MOD is the video file format used on many digital camcorders, such as the JVC Everio, Canon FS100and Panasonic D-Snap SD-card camcorders. Many people have encountered the nightmare of playing MOD files on PC just like my friend, and they have to seek converter software to convert MOD files to AVI, MPEG, RM, etc in order to playback and edit the videos they record. However, the conversion is actually unnecessary.

How to play MOD file on PC?

The first method to play MOD files on PC is to install a KMPlayer (free software which is available on its homepage). After you have installed it, import MOD files to it then you can watch them smoothly. Or right click the file, select KMPlayer in the "Open With" options, then you can watch them anytime by double clicking.

Another solution is much more easier. As I know, the MOD files are already in MPEG2 format that you can simply

rename them to .MPG which could be playback smoothly in PowerDVD and other applications in most cases. The operation is followed.

First copy the MOD file from your digital camcorder to your hard drive. Right-click the file and select "Rename" from the menu. Delete the .mod extension and replace it with .mpg. Now the file should just work on almost any media players on which you can play .mpg files.

If you can't see the file extension when you go to rename it, open Windows Explorer, go to Tools > Folder options, click the view tab and uncheck the box next to Hide extensions for known file types before completing the steps above.

Part 2. How to burn MOD to DVD

Step 1: Download Aimersoft Video to DVD Converterand install it

Note: here I select Aimersoft Video to DVD Converter as the software to burn DVD because it can convert and burn MOD files to DVD with very easy operation, which many other softwares can't.

Step 2: Add video files

Click "Add Videos" or "Add Folder" to load MOD videos from your hard drive. Multiple video files could be added at a time or you may also add a video folder.

After that, the video files will appear in the main interface. Click the triangle button beneath the window on the right to play selected MOD video files.

Step 3: Remove, Clear, Move Up, and Move Down

Remove: If a video file added is unwanted, select it and click "Remove" to remove it from the interface.

Clear: Click "Clear" to remove all the video files from the interface. Be careful with this button.

Move Up or Move Down: You may organize the order of added video files by clicking these two buttons.

Step 4: Trim the length of MOD video files

By this operation you can trim the video length and remove unwanted parts. Just select the video file which you want to trim, click the scissors button, a window will pop up just as followed. Drag the left triangle tab to set start position and drag the right to set end position, then click "OK" to accomplish trimming the length.

Step 5: Start burning Click "Option" button, then a window will pop up, you may select TV Standard between NTSC and PAL by selecting the country where you live. You may also select the aspect ratio and menu style here. Don't forget to click "OK" to finish the operation.

After all the above done, click "Burn" button, then another window will pop up as followed.

Burn MOD to ISO image file: Select "ISO File" and specify a folder to save output file, then click "OK" to generate ISO files onto your computer.

Burn MOD to DVD disc: After the above window pops up, insert a blank DVD disc to the DVD driver and select "DVD Driver". Since you want to burn MOD to DVD disc, a DVD-RAM driver which has burning function is indispensible here.

Note: The used disc space is shown on the disc space bar underneath the storyboard.

Above is a simple guide shows the easiest method to burn MOD files to DVD, if you prefer to make more adjustments to DVD, like adding background music, cropping and trimming the videos, customizing DVD menu and transition effects, you may use Aimersoft DVD Creator which also supports MOD files to have the job done.

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